Supply chain

Ansaldo STS has drawn up new criteria to assess and monitor its suppliers and to define a new action plan to assist them improve their sustainability given the increasing importance of the supply chain’s social and environmental aspects.

Reporting on commitments

  • Analyse the TenP project’s output on supplier sustainability and define an action plan to improve sustainability
  • Ansaldo STS selected a specific number of suppliers and invited them to participate in an online survey on sustainability issues, including, in particular: respect for human rights, work conditions, the environment and the fight against corruption. They will be invited again to analyse outputs and define an action plan to improve sustainability 
  • Extend the tests commenced in France for the automated preparation and sending of supplier rating reports to Italy
  • This activity was postponed due to the implementation of Ansaldo STS’ s new Organizational structure
  • Revise and publish the general conditions for purchasing goods and services in Italy with inclusion of sanctions clauses for non-compliance with the code of ethics 
  • The text and the guidelines are ready for final approval and subsequent issue 
  • Standardise the supply contract general conditions after assessing the current contracts in use by Ansaldo STS’s legal entities and best international practices 
  • The standardisation of the supply contract general conditions has begun and will continue in 2016