Ansaldo STS promotes society’s scientific, cultural and social progress by actively taking part in research projects with national and EU institutions on ICT and the sustainability of transportation systems. It also encourages technological and managerial training through partnerships with universities.

Reporting on commitments

  • UNIVERSITIES: continue contributing to specialised training in the sector by collaborating with leading Italian and foreign universities and contributing scientifically to post-graduate master programmes
  • The contribution to specialised training in the sector continued by collaborating with leading Italian and foreign universities and contributing scientifically to post-graduate master programmes
  • ITALIAN AND EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS: continue with the Italian and European research projects that are underway to increase safety, security and environmental compatibility and apply for funding by coordinating new project proposals 
  • Stage 2 of the 3InSat project was carried out as part of satellite projects. This included the performance of nonintrusiveness analyses to obtain the authorisation to install platforms and perform functional and performance tests at the Sardinia Trial Site. Furthermore, functional tests were carried out successfully, covering 6500 km. Finally, the characterisation gauges of the GNSS signal for the ERSATEAV project were also carried out during the year.
  • TRADE ASSOCIATIONS: continue to play an active role in trade associations and, in particular, take initiative as part of the UNIFE sustainability committee
  • With respect to satellite positioning, Ansaldo STS continued to coordinate the NGTC WP 7 project, contributing the quantitative analysis of the tolerable hazard rate assigned to the virtual balise reader 

  • Prepare the content of the sustainability communication plan with new projects when the 2014 report is published or afterwards
  • “The Ansaldo STS forest never stops growing: download the 2014 sustainability report and plant your own tree” campaign was launched and promoted by external and internal communication, including social media and through updates on the company’s intranet. Furthermore, a video message was prepared and sent to employees and published on Ansaldo STS’s website. In this video message the CEO explained Ansaldo STS’s vision of sustainability and social innovation. Also in 2015, the company supported the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation, of which it is a founding member.
  • Develop and reorganise the digital communication tools, the company’s presence on the internet and dialogue with digital stakeholders 
  • In 2015, much time and energy was invested in strengthening digital communication by expanding the channels available to stakeholders, while synchronising them. Today, all major information is posted in real time on the main social networks.
  • Define and prepare a new plan to develop relations with foreign and Italian media 
  • Ansaldo STS’s communication has always been aimed at advertising its skills in the relevant business segment, regularly reporting results and commitments and describing technological developments and innovation. Accordingly, Ansaldo STS remained focused on its targets including with respect to media communication.