Reporting of commitments

  • Further reduce the number of accidents at work
  • The number of injuries, with a number of days of temporary incapacity of more than three days, decreased from seven to five. Only one accident took place at the three production sites
  • Adopt a web-based software programme to improve management and monitoring of environmental and safety requirements
  • Ansaldo STS joined the Hitachi group, its new majority shareholder, in 2015, and this will entail the adoption of a group software solution. For this strategic reason, this target was postponed
  • Increase the hours of training provided about the environment, health and safety, especially for issues affecting the worksites
  • After the 10% increase in health and safety training hours in 2014, a training campaign was launched in 2015 which involved (and will involve in 2016) all Safety officers (Site managers, Branch managers and Office managers), all worksite employees exposed to the electricity risk (CEI 1127 50110) and all appointed worksite employees
  • Pittsburgh site: continue the PITTSBURGH 2030 DISTRICT project by implementing the monitoring stage to reduce energy and water use and the production of CO2 
  • In 2015, EE consumption at the Pittsburgh site decreased by 12%, while the use of water from the aqueduct was reduced by 45%. Furthermore, it reduced the distance in km of short-haul and long-haul flights by 36% and 10%, respectively. In 2016, it launched a specific campaign on environmental and health and safety issues training