Stakeholder Engagement

Ansaldo STS has presented the different ways it interacts with its stakeholders in this report, distinguishing between:
information sessions: one-way communication by the company to stakeholders;
consultation/dialogue: when the company asks for stakeholders’ opinions (e.g., through surveys, polls, focus groups, etc.) or sets up permanent discussion groups;
partnerships: specific projects carried out and/or managed with stakeholders.

This description is useful to understand how to improve the interaction methods with different stakeholder categories to gradually increase the opportunities for dialogue and partnerships, and in so doing create shared value.

  • Periodic project meetings
  • Meetings with customer senior and top management
  • Participation at trade fairs, conferences and opening ceremonies
  • Communication via the social media
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Hazard Workshops to test the safety of products and solutions
  • Open Days to collect feedback from end users
  • Joint venture agreements
Human resources
  • Communications about the company's performance, delivery of its main projects, acquisitions of new orders
  • Communication campaign “Share the passion, a call to action” for the Value to Action project
  • Climate analyses (every two years)
  • Talent selection and development programmes (Knowledge Owners)
  • Coaching sessions for international work teams (Project team effectiveness)
  • Assessment of managers by groups of peers (360° for managers)
  • Open Days for colleagues, families and the community and local institutions
  • Strategic project "Values to Actions" to innovate operations management, resources allocation, commercial strategies and supplier management, in compliance with the company's values.
  • Co-funding of manager courses in the top 10 international business schools (Project 50-50)
  • Requests for information, references, catalogues, etc.
  • Requests for technical and price bids;
  • Online survey of sustainability issues (TenP of Global Compact Network Italy Foundation)
  • Medium to long-term supply contracts
  • Invitations to participate in deals
  • Communication and presentation of project data
  • Meetings to present projects and their details
  • Negotiation of terms and prices
  • Partnerships for the guarantees related to the Makkah Metro (KSA) tender; partnership for the negotiation of the credit letter for the Navi Mumbai India project; partnership for the project financing related to the construction of line 4 of the Milan metro.
  • Lima financial closing with securitisation of the bond loan of USB 1.2 billion (PFI premium)
Investors / Financial analysts
  • Roadshows
  • Conferences
  • Video conferences
  • Roadshows
  • Conferences
  • Video conferences
Italian and EU public institutions
  • Institutional communications (internet news, press releases, etc.)
  • Consultations about partnerships for research projects
  • Joint research projects
Local authorities / public administration
  • Regular institutional communications
  • Charity Day
Local communities
  • Reports on the progress of projects to the local community (together with the local institutions)
  • Participation in local stakeholder committees
  • Customer satisfaction of rail users
  • Participation in development programmes of local communities
Trade associations / Media
  • Institutional communications (internet news, press releases, etc.)
  • Consultations about partnerships for research projects
  • Joint research projects
Digital users / Social network
  • Regular institutional communications
  • Ongoing communications and regular updates of the website
  • Partnerships with social networks to develop web communications and relations

In 2015, the main engagement activities with the various categories of stakeholders were:

  • the materiality analysis;
  • customer satisfaction surveys;
  • personnel involvement initiatives carried out through different projects:
    • “Knowledge Owners” programme to select and develop talent
    • “360° for executives”, an assessment of each executive by a group of their peers
  • external relations activities
  • investor relations activities
  • research projects with Italian and EU institutions
  • agreements and partnerships with universities

Involvement of local communities: social and environmental impacts

Ansaldo STS’s active role varies depending on the type of project and part played in handling relations with local communities, be they municipal authorities, associations of residents, users of metros and trains, companies or local labour.

It complies with the site environmental management procedures for the environmental aspects of its projects, starting with an initial analysis of the works planned, discussed and agreed with the subcontractors as well. The next stage is preparation of a monitoring plan to ensure ongoing compliance with the law and to adopt all available opportunities to limit the impact of setting up a work site. Sometimes, the customer (public sector body) defines specific characteristics of the work after assessments have been made of its impact on the environment, the society and health and safety. In this case, Ansaldo STS studies and presents the best possible solutions.

Ansaldo STS is actively involved in programmes to communicate and interact with the communities affected by its works in various ways:

  • it participates in committees that represent local stakeholders;
  • it promotes communication between the local authorities and citizens;
  • it engages in direct communication;
  • it takes part in programmes to develop local communities.