Integrated management system

Ansaldo STS has implemented an integrated management system (IMS) for the environment, safety and quality, establishing global corporate policies and procedures to ensure the controlled management of processes and activities relating to safety in the workplace and environmental protection. Subsequently each company established local environmental and safety policies, on the basis of legislative requirements and corporate policies and procedures.

At 31 December 2015, all three production sites were certified for quality (ISO 9001), health and safety (OHSAS 18001) and the environment (ISO 14001), and the Tito Scalo production site had also registered its EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme). 18 office sites have quality certification and environmental, health and safety certification, as shown in the table below:

 UNITED KINGDOMLondon •  •  • 
 FRANCE Les Ulis  •  •  • 
 SPAIN Madrid  •  •  • 
 SWEDENStockholm  •  •  • 
 ITALY Genoa  •  •   
    Naples •  •   
    Piossasco  •  •   
USA    Pittsburgh  •  •   
AUSTRALIA    Brisbane  •  • 
AS/ZNS 4801:01 
    Newcastle  •  • 
AS/ZNS 4801:01 
    Perth  •  • 
AS/ZNS 4801:01 
    Sydney  •  • 
AS/ZNS 4801:01 
    Karratha  •  • 
AS/ZNS 4801:01 
INDIA    Kolkata  •  •  • 
    Noida  •  •  • 
    Bangalore  •  •  • 
CANADA    Ontario  •  •  • 

 USA  Batesburg   •   •   • 
 FRANCE  Riom   •   •   • 
 ITALY  Tito Scalo   •   •

Scope of application of the environmental management system

The environmental management system that the Ansaldo STS companies have adopted is applied to the following:

  • PRODUCTION SITES for the manufacturing of products to be used in safety, control and monitoring systems supplied by Ansaldo STS;
  • OFFICE SITES mainly for signalling plant design; the analysis of safety, reliability and availability; laboratory testing; contract management and control; research and development; procurement; and prevention and protection;
  • WORK SITES. where Ansaldo STS’s direct activities relate to management and coordination, surveillance and control of production, commissioning, rollout of plant and delivery to the customer. With respect to environmental issues Ansaldo STS, as a result of such activities, operates according to an environmental site management procedure, based on an initial environmental analysis of the work to be performed at the site, prepared and agreed with the subcontractors. Following initial analyses, a monitoring plan is prepared to continuously ensure legal compliance and that all opportunities are taken to limit the environmental impact that the opening of any site inevitably entails.

The environmental management system takes into account both direct impact, i.e., the impact of Ansaldo STS companies’ operations, and indirect impact, i.e., impact associated with purchasing, design and product supply processes.